30-30 Fundraiser FAQ

  1. Are the guns new or used?
    All guns are brand new!

  2. Can I purchase tickets thru the mail?
    Yes, you may mail a check or money order to:
    Southeastern Oklahoma Friends of NRA
    57 SE 102nd Road
    Wilburton, OK 74578

    Please include a note with your payment stating the name, address, telephone number and email address of the person being entered. If you would like your conformation mailed to you please include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE).
  3. How will I know if I win?
    All winners will be notified via the information provided either on your online purchase or on your ticket which includes telephone and/or email, as well as listed on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.
  4. What are the Bass Pro Shops® policies for firearms purchases?
    Click here to see Bass Pro Shops® Policies
  5. I do not live near the Broken Arrow or Oklahoma City Bass Pro Shops®.  How do I pick up my Firearms?
    All firearms must be picked up at a Bass Pro Shops® retail location. Please call first to be sure your item is in stock at the location you are going to.
  6. How is my prize issued?
    Southeastern Oklahoma Friends of NRA (SE OK FNRA) will report your win to Bass Pro Shops® the day of the drawing and your eGift Card will be issued directly from Bass Pro Shops® via email or shipped to the Oklahoma address you provided. For information on eGift Card delivery Click here.
  7. How can I redeem my eGift Card?
    eGift Cards are redeemable online, thru mail order catalog, or at any Bass Pro Shops® retail location.
  8. What if I either can’t own a gun, or do not want a gun?
    As a winner you will be issued an eGift Card for the value of the prize for that days specific drawing. Your eGift Card can be used to purchase any item from Bass Pro Shops® via online, catalog orders or at any Bass Pro Shops® store location.
  9. What charges if any am I responsible for as a winner?
    As a winner of the Early Bird Drawing you are responsible for the Transfer fees only at your FFL Dealer. Winner’s of the remaining 30 drawings are responsible for the sales tax for the purchases.
  10. What will be the value of the eGift Card?
    Your eGift Card will be pre-loaded with the retail purchase price for the specific gun that you win according to the pricing of the firearm at the time the gun selection committee chose the prizes which was March 1, 2017. The value ranges based on which firearm you won according to the day of the drawing.
  11. Where can I use that eGift Card?
    eGift Cards can be redeemed for online purchases, catalog orders, and purchases made at Bass Pro Shops® retail stores. If you choose to use your gift card to purchase a firearm you must do so in a Bass Pro Shop location. Please be sure to call ahead to see if they have the one you want in stock. Not all firearms on the Bass Pro website are stock in every location and it can often take time to special order your purchase.
  12. What if the firearm I won is not in stock when I go to buy it with my eGift Card?
    Not all firearms on the Bass Pro website are stock in every location and it can often take time to special order your purchase. We strongly recommend that you call the location before you drive all the way there to purchase your firearm. Tell the gun department that you are a 30 GUNS-N-30 DAYS winner. Be advised if Bass Pro Shops do not have your choice in stock that you will need to go in and special order it then return again to complete your paper work when the item is in the store ready for you. You will need to pay your own sales tax if the amount of the item you choose is over the amount of your eGift Card.
  13. When will the drawings be held?
    The Early Bird Drawing will be held on July 2, 2018, at 7:00 PM CST. Daily drawings begin on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 7:00 PM CST and will continue for 30 consecutive days.
  14. Can I win more than once?
    Yes! Once you enter the drawing that ticket is in every single drawing even if it has already won. You may win a maximum of five times.
  15. What happens to the money I spend on the ticket?
    Amongst the fun and fellowship, Friends of NRA banquets boil down to one goal . . . fund-raising for the future of the shooting sports. Since its inception in 1992, Friends of NRA has held over 12,000 events, reached over two million attendees and raised over $140 million for The NRA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

    Each year, The NRA Foundation allocates half of all net proceeds to fund projects within the state in which the money was raised and uses the other half to fund similar projects with a national scope. Visit GRANTS to learn more.

  16. Is www.seokfnra.com the same website?
    Yes, we have added a simplified website address www.seokfnra.com which leads to our original website www.NRAfriendswinagun.com.
  17. What is an Early Bird Drawing?
    An Early Bird Drawing is a chance to win a special prize if you enter by a certain date in this case it’s Sunday, July 1, 2018.
  18. If I win the early bird drawing does that stop me from winning in the 30 GUNS-N-30 DAYS drawing?
    No, you are still in each drawing.
  19. How do I choose an FFL Dealer when I win the Early Bird Drawing?
    Selecting an FFL dealer is a very important step in collecting your prize. We suggest that you shop around for an FFL Dealer. Transfer fees are your responsibility to pay so you will want to choose an FFL Dealer who charges a fair price and is open during hours that work with your schedule. All FFL Dealers are not created equal. We have seen pricing for transfer fees on one firearm range for $10.00 to over $100.00. Since the transfer fee is coming out of your pocket you will want to shop around for the best price.
  20. Why is the Bass Pro Price Different from the Price SEOKFNRA shows for the firearm I won?
    Firearm prices change frequently all of the 30 GUNS n 30 DAYS prices are from the date the gun selection committee chose the firearms. The eGift Card winners receive will be for the amount listed on our website and are based on pricing from March 1, 2018.
  21. How are the proceeds from this fundraiser distributed?
    Committee volunteers are appointed to State Fund Committees to make recommendations for local grant funding in areas such as youth firearm safety and education programs, hunter education, range development and improvement, women’s training seminars, and wildlife conservation efforts.

    SEOKFNRA recognizes that America’s young people represent the future of the shooting sports, State Fund Committee grants are frequently given to youth programs, allocating more than 50% of grant monies to this important area.

    So whether you attend a Friends of NRA Banquet for the fun, fellowship, or fund-raising, you can be confident that you are helping safeguard programs across the nation that prepare today’s generations to be tomorrow’s guardians of the Second Amendment.

  22. If you have additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact Southeastern Friends of NRA through the online CONTACT SEOKFNRA form below: